Recover Audio File Formats From SD Card

We store collection of audio files in different storage devices, audio file format extension of all the devices are not similar. Some common supporting audio file formats of digital cameras are MID(MIDI), AAC, OGC, MP3, WAV, AIF(AIFF), WMA, M4A etc. Sometimes it is seen that audio files stored becomes totally inaccessible due to corruption or deletion.

You may experience loss of audio files due to following reasons:

  • Loss of music while synchronizing the files in computer system.
  • While copying music from digital camera to PC or Mac.
  • Accidentally deleting audios.
  • Formatting memory card accidentally.
  • Sometimes due to presence of malicious applications like trojan, virus, malware etc memory card photos becomes totally inaccessible.

Features of SD Card Photo Recovery Software

  • You can recover corrupted audios, videos, images within minutes by using this software.
  • For Mac photo recovery it is designed in two modes namely Deleted Recovery and Deep Recovery.
  • This process is enhanced and completes repairing corrupted files.
  • Recovery of files is possible after formatting, deleting and incorrect usage of SD card.
  • Using this software is possible in Windows as well as Mac OSX since it is compatible in both the operating systems.
  • Preview of all the recoverable audio, video and photos are shown on the screen you can choose selective files for recovery.
  • Using this software is simple, you can repair damaged photographs with few clicks.
  • This tool also lets a user recuperate memory card, memory sticks, SD card photos, videos, mp3 files.

So, if you have lost some important memories of your life from camera models like Panasonic, Nikon, Canon etc. due to corruption then restore them using this application.

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